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german shepherd dog training in glasgow


Professional Dog Training in Glasgow


german shepherd and dog trainer in glasgow



Based in Glasgow, we offer a variety of dog training services - focused on building a lasting relationship between you and your dog.

With The Training Lead, you'll learn to understand and communicate effectively with your companion, alleviating the day-to-day anxiety and stress caused by your dogs behavioural issues.


Whether your dog pulls or lunges on its leash, barks or behaves aggressively towards other dogs and people, or just leaves you behind on a walk while they chase squirrels, we'll teach you how to manage your dog's impulses through expert behavioural coaching.


We don't mask problems - we fix them. 


Keep an eye on your inbox - we'll be in touch!

border collie dog training in glasgow


Stephen's approach made a huge difference with Argyle's confidence outdoors and around other dogs. There's a lot of conflicting advice for training puppies online - just give Stephen a call if you're looking for a knowledgeable dog trainer!

Kavin & Arygle

Since he was a puppy, Winston had always pulled on his lead. After just one session with Stephen, we now enjoy our walks without being dragged everywhere; my bond with Winston is stronger than ever. I cannot recommend Stephen enough.

Stacey & Winston

Stephen has taught us so much about our dog, Bleu. We feel confident enough now to let him off his lead, which we wouldn't have ever considered before. Bleu and I always look forward to our training sessions with Stephen.

Mairi & Bleu

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